My ad

Oh my attitude is I’m very privileged to have men allow me to suck them.

So what makes me good at it.

Being straight for half my life and seeing over 100 female prostitutes. Rarely other normal chick.

Why I want great sex especially them doing ducking swear, deep throat, gagging, cim, cof, piss play, you know all the slutty things whores do.

Hardly ever happened especially small.

After divorcing decided to do exotic massage escort 4 Ladies, couples and maybe men for hand job.

Soon found out the opposite was the case and became very turned on and started trying to make men have the best I could suck cock.

Challenges still to hurdle lol I still think I’ll never get of these P plates as a slutty whore whore that can go long time sucking.

Can’t guarantee all the guys I can make cum especially in mouth, but less than 10%.

But will guarantee any guy that cum quickly to have a 5 minute break I will try again.

Not many can, as it takes training and I’ve got a few secrets. Have a BF that can cum on 4 to 5 times in 24 hours and he 53.

An 80 year client, now good friend to loves me to suck him as long as possible 30 to 60 minutes.

Let me know if I’m boasting, but if you’re serious about someone to get you what you want. While waningt to keep your relationship happy and loving.

Your exactly the guys I love pleasing men as a cock whore that’s discreet, sincerely and insanely passionate to be your cock whore.

See ya later

Sammi Swallows 👅👄💋👅👅👅😘